Elder Kirk E. Hillman


Elder Hillman is a former Lieutenant Senior Grade in the Commissioned Corps. of the United States Public Health Service and holds a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Boston University for 50 years. He holds certifications in both biblical counseling and Christian 12-step counseling from Christian Stronghold and Development, Philadelphia, PA., in affiliation with D.E.E.P. Institute, Bethlehem, PA. Faithfully serving in ministry with his wife Tish of 30+ years, they have a blended family of six children, thirteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Elder Hillman is an ordained elder, serving as covering to In God’s Care Ministry of Bethlehem, PA., where he exercises his spiritual gifts of teaching, exhortation, and administration. Elder Hillman is a published author who has written on various biblical counseling topics and issues that concern the Christian family of faith. You can view and purchase his published works at Amazon.com. Since 1992, Elder Hillman has a personal ministry called KTH Ministry. The ministry’s focus is on nurturing biblical literacy. In the past, the ministry hosted small-group workshops, bible studies, discussion forums, a weekly internet radio program, internet video messages, a vibrant prison ministry, and a monthly blog. There is currently no online presence for the ministry since a major restructuring is happening, but you can view the intellectual property of the ministry at www.elderkirkehillman.com